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About Coombs Test - Indirect (ICT)

Coombs Test - Indirect (ICT)

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Know more about Coombs Test - Indirect (ICT)

The Coombs test monitors the blood to check if antibodies are floating in the liquid part of the blood.

Symptoms of Indirect Coombs test may include: 

Pale appearance

Jaundice, including elevated bilirubin

Enlarged liver or spleen

Swelling of the entire body

Difficulty breathing


Normal results:

When you receive your test result of indirect coombs as negative, it's a good sign that you do not the presence of antibodies in serum. 

It means you can safely receive blood from a donor. 

Also, pregnant mothers do not need to worry about your unborn baby.

Abnormal Results: 

If your test results come positive, your doctor has to be very careful, in choosing your blood donor. The patient who needs a large number of blood transfusions may have chances of developing a lot of new antibodies. 

If you are pregnant, and your test comes out positive for indirect coombs, you need to take feew precautions for the safety of your baby. 

consult your doctor for further advice. 



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When possible, try to take iron tablets on an empty stomach, as it helps the body absorb them better.

In case of those people who find it difficult to consume tablets in an empty stomach, they can you can take iron tablets with their meals.

Your doctor might even recommend you to take the supplements for several months depending on your medical history. 


Test Method 1: A blood sample test is conducted by inserting a needle into a vein of your arm. That sample is later transferred to lab.

The blood is tested with compounds that will react with antibodies in your blood. 

This test is commonly done on infants who may have antibodies in their blood because their mother has a different blood type.

In an infant, the test is conducted by pricking a small sharp needle called lancet into the skin. IT is usually done on the heel of the foot. Blood is then collected into a small glass tube, on a glass slide, or on a test strip. 

Report available: The turn around time for the test is 24 hours. 


 Coombs test is recommended by the doctor to pregnant women to check if there is a presence of antibodies (it can affect an unborn baby). Also, it is adviced for infants as they might be detected with anti-bodies. 

Hemolytic anemia, Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Infectious mononucleosis, Mycoplasmal infection, Syphilis, Systemic lupus erythematosus



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