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About Fasting Insulin test

Fasting Insulin test

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Know more about Fasting Insulin test

The test helps to diagnose if there is presence of an insulin-producing tumor in the pancreas (inside the islet/beta cells). It further helps to determine the cause of low blood glucose in you that will further lead to the knowledge of the doctor to predict if you require the dosage of insulin in order to supplement the ongoing oral medications. The test also helps to identify if you are suffering from insulin resistance.

Doctors prescribe this test to detect if you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes.


Low Blood Glucose Levels






Insulin is a type of Anabolic Hormone produced by islet/beta cells inside the pancreas. Insulin hormone is considered to be one of the powerful hormones in a human body. It is responsible for keeping the blood sugar level in a normal range.

Normal range of Insulin: 2.6 -24.9 mclU/mL

Insulin also aids in absorption of sugar into the body from carbohydrates found in the consumed food for later use as energy or stored as glucose for future usage.

Carbohydrates generally break down into formation of glucose and simple sugars.

Too High or too low levels of insulin prove harmful for the body as well.

Increase in level of insulin can lead to fall in blood sugar levels. It further causes hypoglycaemia in the body.

Decrease in level of insulin can alternatively lead to high blood sugar levels in the body. The result of which is known as hyperglycaemia.

There is formation of insulin resistance as well in the body, where cells stop responding normally to the insulin. As a result there is requirement of excess amount of insulin to be provided in order to maintain healthy glucose levels in a body.

Insulin resistance is considered to be one of the prime factors behind the cause of type 2 Diabetes.

Insulin and glucose blood levels always need to be in balance.

One can improve their fasting insulin test results by following few of these steps for 2 weeks before conducting the test: Follow a low carb diet and avoid carbs, fat and protein, these foods raises your blood sugar and the level of insulin in your body.

For those suffering from insulin resistance might encounter decrease in level of insulin when carbs is restricted in your diet.

Avoid refined carbs in your diet as well. Refined carbs leads to increase in weight and high insulin levels.

Insulin level drops by an average of 50% in low carb group in comparison to 19% in the low-fat group.

Avoiding all forms of sugar will help keep your insulin levels maintained.

Regular exercise or any physical activity will help in lowering your insulin level. Example: Aerobic Exercise.

Addition of cinnamon to your diet will help in promoting antioxidants in your body. The effects vary from person to person.

Intake of soluble fiber in your diet will help in reducing your blood sugar levels. Examples: Oatmeal, oat bran, barley, rice bran.

Before going in for the fasting insulin test, you need to fast ( no eating or drinking) for a minimum of 8 hours or more as per your doctor’s advice.

Your blood sample will be collected from a vein of your arm, with the use of a small needle. The blood sample of yours will be collected in a small amount which is transferred into a small test tube.

Report: Turn around time is 24hours.

When you are experiencing low blood pressure levels, excessive sweating, fatigue along with signs and symptoms of diabetes, you are recommended to tale this test.

Type 1 Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease,Cancer, Hyperglycemia, Hypoglycemia



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