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About 25-Oh Vitamin D test

25-Oh Vitamin D test

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Know more about 25-Oh Vitamin D test

25-Oh Vitamin D test monitors the levels of Vitamins present in your blood. It is basically advised to detect Vitamin D deficiency in you if you have low levels of 25 Hydroxyvitamin D in your blood.

Symptoms associated with 25-Oh Vitamin D include:

Bone malformation (in children), low in calcium in the body and bone weakness and softness resulting in fracture (in adults).

Vitamin D is necessary for your body as it helps your body to absorb calcium. As a result of which calcium keeps your bones healthy. When the sun's UC rays come in contact with your skin, it converts it into Vitmain D which occurs in the liver. This is followed by the second stage of converting that vitamin into a chemical known as hydroxyvitamin D which is also known as calcidiol. 

The name of the test 25-Oh Vitamin D indicates that the amount of 25 hydroxyvitamin D present in your blood.

Doctors prescribe this test for various reasons:

Individuals not receiving enough sunlight.

Older individuals above 50.

Individuals who are suffering from obesity.

Infants only receiving breastmilk.

Individuals who had undergone gastric bypass surgery.

Individuals suffering from Crohn's disease.

Consult your doctor to inform about any ongoing medications before going for the test. No fasting is required for this test.

Treatment is given as per the test results that indicate the exacts levels of the 25-Oh Vitamin D present in your blood.

Besides the prescribed medications, you also consume natural food sources which are more beneficial.

Food sources to consume to improve your level of deficiency:

Orange Juice, cereal, cod Liver oil, milk (Breastmilk for infants), egg Yolk and fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, swordfish).

Dietary supplements for Vitamin D are also available.

Take your doctors advice before taking them.

Test Method 1: A small amount of blood is collected from a vein of your arm.

Test Report: The turn around time of the test is 24 HRS.

When you show signs of Vitamin D deficiency, you should take this test.



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