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About Vitamin B6/ Pridoxal 5-Phosphate test

Vitamin B6/ Pridoxal 5-Phosphate test

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Know more about Vitamin B6/ Pridoxal 5-Phosphate test

The Vitamin B6 or Pridoxal 5-Phosphate test detects if you are suferring from severe Vitamin B deficiency.

Symptoms associated with Vitamin B deficiency include:

Anemia, insomnia, fatigue, and depression.

Other associated symptoms are:

Cracks in the corners of the mouth area, inflamed tongue or sore lips and red swollen skin with small blisters, also known as dermatitis. 

Vitamin B6 is a type of coenzyme responsible for hemoglobin and amino acid metabolism synthesis.

Pyridoxine helps in the proper function of proteins, fats, and sugar in the body and helps in the growth and development of the body and brain.

Vitamin B6 is a type of B vitamin. It is mainly of three types:




The deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to skin problems, high homocysteine, seizures, pain in hands and foot, increased tiredness, weaken immune system. 

If these conditions occur to a person at the same time, it indicates that Vitamin B6 deficiency is too low and requires proper treatment.

Your doctor will advice you to fast before going for the test.

Your doctor will prescribe you medications based on your test results. 

Besides, you will be asked to include more protein-based food such as chicken, fish, bananas, legumes, etc. 

Also, you will be prescribed for a lifestyle changes as well.

Test Method 1: A blood sample is collected from a vein of your arm.

Test Method 2: Early morning urine sample is collected.

Test Report: The usual time is 24 to 48 HRS.

When you are suspected with severe Vitamin B deficiency or showing symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency, the doctor will prescribe you this test.



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