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About Urinary Metanepherine (Spot/24 Hours) test

Urinary Metanepherine (Spot/24 Hours) test

₹2500 ₹1900

Know more about Urinary Metanepherine (Spot/24 Hours) test

The test helps to detect: pheochromocytoma which is a rare tumor caused in the adrenal gland, paraganglioma which is a rare tumor caused outside the adrenal gland, The test also help to measure the amount of Metanepherine present in your blood over a period of 24 hours.

Symptoms are:

severe headache

heart palpitation (increased or rapid heart rate)

skin flushing (redness seen over the area of face, neck, and chest)

excessive sweating

high blood pressure

Pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma produce large amounts of catecholamines and metabolites resulting in increased concentrations in blood and urine.

Catecholamines are formed due to metanephrines which break downs hormones in the body.

Your doctor will advise to avoid certain mediactions and food that might hamper or alter the test results. Medications include: Supplements antidepressants Food include: Caffine Banana Alcohol Drugs

Depending on your test results, your doctor will give you medications. And you will also be asked to change your dietary habits as well.

Test Method 1: 24 HR of a urine sample will be collected. 

Test Result: The usual turn around time for the result is 24 to 48 HRS.

When your doctor suspects you of being infected with the rare tumor that is affecting your hormone levels in the body, you will be prescribed to get this test done.



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