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About Testosterone - Total test

Testosterone - Total test

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Know more about Testosterone - Total test

This test is done for evaluating testosterone status (eg, when abnormalities of sex hormone-binding globulin are present). Hence this test helps in identifying: monitoring sex-steroid and anti-androgen therapy, disorders of puberty, anorexia nervosa and thyrotoxicosis (tissue marker of thyroid hormone excess). Besides that, it also measures the insulin resistance and cardiovascular and type 2 diabetes risk assessment, particularly in women.

Symptoms include:

Low sex drive, difficulty in erection, low semen volume, hair loss, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat, decreased bone mass and mood swings.

Avoid drugs and alcohol. The rules on drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs are the same for preventing infertility as they are for men. Heavy alcohol use and drug use increase the chances of ovulation disorders and endometriosis, which can lead to infertility. If you are a smoker, stopping now may help in preventing infertility. In addition to causing damage to your cervix and fallopian tubes, smoking can bring about early menopause by aging your ovaries and draining your egg supply. Smoking also increases the risk of miscarriage. 

Try to get pregnant while you're young. The younger you are when you try to conceive, the better chance you have of preventing infertility. That's because your fertility declines after age 35 and continues to decline with each passing year. The number of eggs you produce (along with the quality of those eggs) decreases as you age. Even high-tech fertility treatments are more effective in younger men

There is no precaution required before going in for the test.

An artificial insemination is an option if the man's sperm count is low. In this procedure, sperm is collected through multiple ejaculations. They are then manually placed in the female's uterus or fallopian tubes. In vitro fertilization is another option that can be used to overcome male infertility factors. 

Male infertility is most often treated by conventional methods that include one or more of the following: 

Medications to help increase sperm production, antibiotics to heal an infection, and hormone medications to improve hormonal imbalance.

It is also advised to avoid taking long hot showers (hot tubs and sauna's) and wearing loose underwear such as boxer shorts versus jockey shorts.

Test Method 1: A blood sample will be collected from a vein of your arm.

Test Report: Turn around time is 3 to 4 days.  

When your doctor suspects you of suffering from abnormal levels of testosterone, you will be prescribed to take this test.

Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Acromegaly, Hepatitis, Hyperthyroidism, AIDS, seizures



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