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About Albumin test

Albumin test

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Know more about Albumin test

Albumin test is done to measure the amount of protein albumin present in your blood. Albumin is a type of protien prodcue by the liver. It carries nutrients such as hormones, enzymes and medicines throughout the body. The test helps in diagnosing, evaluating and watching liver and kidney conditions. Generally it is seen that when kidneys start to fail, albumin begins to leak into your urine, hence it causes low level of albumin in your blood.

Albumin test is adviced in conditions when the patient is suspected to be infected with liver or kidney disease. 

Symptoms of kidney infection:


Frequent urge to urinate

Dark yellow colored urine

Swelling of face and abdomen

Symptoms of liver infection:


Dark yellow colored urine

Loss of weight

Albumin is the main protein present in blood plasma. Blood plasma is a fluid present in the blood responsible for holding protein and blood cells in it. Albumin plays an important function in transporting protein and medications into the body while maintaining the pressure in the blood vessels.

Try to avoid certain drugs that are responsible for affecting your test by increasing the albumin level in your blood. Medications to avoid: Androgens Anabolic Steroids Growth hormone drugs Insulin Blood thinners medications (such as aspirin)

Individuals with the risk of liver and kidney infection should consult your doctor. 

Your doctor might ask you for an additional test as well depending on the type of symptoms.

Start with a healthy diet plan that excludes protein-rich diet in your meal. 

Test Method 1: A small amount of blood sample is collected from a vein of your arm.

Report: The turn around time of the test is 24 HRS.

When your doctor suspects you of suffering from symptoms of Liver and kidney disease or infection, you are advised to take this test.

cirrhosis, liver cancer , hepatitis, kidney disease



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