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About LFT-Liver Function Test

LFT-Liver Function Test

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Know more about LFT-Liver Function Test

The Liver Function Test is also known as LFT test. The LFT test helps to determine various liver infections that can cause Hepatitis (Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C) and Cirrhosis. Also the test is helpful to detect diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, and gall bladder disease. Besides that the test also helps to monitor an ongoing liver disease treatment such as alcohholic and viral hepatitis, and also to keep a check on the ongoing medications.

The symptoms of all the liver disease, diabetes, and gall bladder disease will vary.

The common symptoms would include:

Eyes and the skin appear pale and yellowish in color, pain in abdomen followed by swelling, dark yellow colored urine, pale stool, and nausea/vomiting.

The basic purpose of the Liver Function test is to examine the certain level of protein and enzymes present in your blood. When the test detects abnormal levels indicating a high level of these substances in the present indicates you are suffering from liver disease. 

The liver being one of the largest organ present in the body has bigger role to play in the functioning of the body. The main function of the liver is to regulate the metabolism and detoxify various substances that are harmful to the body. During the process, the liver produces blood clotting factors such as proteins and enzymes which are responsible for maintaining the hormonal balance followed by storing vitamins and minerals. 

The liver also produces a fluid called bile that is responsible for digesting fats in the gall bladder. 

Thus, the test measures the total amount of protein and enzymes present in the blood. 

This liver function test includes a series of tests clubbed together to identify the liver disease are:

Alanine Transaminase Test

Aspartate Aminotransferase Test

Alkaline Phosphate Test

Albumin Test

Bilirubin Test

A combination of these test is called Liver Function test.

There is no precaution required for going in for the test.

Depending on the test result, you will be prescribed a treatment that includes medication and lifestyle changes if required.

Lifestyle change would require to follow a healthy diet and some amount of physical exercise. 

Reduce the intake of alcohol and smoking gradually. 

Test Method: A blood sample will be collected from a vein of your arm.

Test Report: Turn around time is 24 hours.

When the doctor suspects you of suffering from liver disease or any related health problems, you will be prescribed to take this test.



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