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About RT-PCR COVID-19 Test


₹1500 ₹1200

Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is critical for tracking the virus, understanding the epidemiology, informing the case management, suppressing transmission and for containing the infection.

Real-Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRT-PCR) test

The virus can be detected using Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase (RT)-PCR test (recommended by WHO), which can quickly tell if someone harbors the virus (4 to 6 hours).

Recommended samples for RT-PCR: Nasopharyngeal or Throat or Nasal swabs, Sputum, lower respiratory tract aspirates, Bronchoalveolar lavage and Nasopharyngeal wash/aspirate or nasal aspirate.
Samples must be collected and tested from individuals who meet COVID-19.
Clinical and/or epidemiological criteria, listed below:

  • Clinical signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection,
  • Contact with a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case,
  • History of travel to geographic locations where COVID-19 cases were detected, or other epidemiological links for which COVID-19 testing may be indicated

Note :-

1. All ICMR guidelines have to be followed without fail.
2. Copy of patient Govt Id (Aadhar card) is mandatory.
3. If details are not found proper, order would be cancelled.
4. Reporting TAT would be 24 – 48 hours

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a group of viruses that causes hardcore sickness in both humans and animals. It is also known for causing respiratory infections and turning fatal. The recently discovered kind of coronavirus is known for causing the Coronavirus Disease named Covid-19.

The prime symptoms of Covid 19

  • Sore throat
  • Dry Cough
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Breathlessness or very shortness of breathe

How Does Coronavirus spread?

This virus mainly spreads through physical contact with any affected person. When an infected person coughs, the virus gets released from the affected person’s body through small droplets and sticks in objects or surfaces. When a person unknowingly touches the floors or objects, then the virus gets transmitted to that person. The virus can mainly spread in several ways, such as,

  • Mass gathering
  • Shaking hands or hugging any affected person
  • Sharing food items
  • Touching objects or surfaces where the presence of coronavirus is possible

How to Prevent

  • Avoid all kinds of physical contact with people as much as possible
  • Use alcohol based hand sanitizers and wash your hands regularly in a proper manner.
  • Stay away from smoking or any such activities that may cause harm to lungs.
  • Wear a face mask while roaming.
  • In case you are suffering from cough and sneeze, cover your nose completely.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 1 metre from any person sneezing or coughing.
  • Do not touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes until your hands are well-washed.
  • Avoid unnecessary travelling as much as possible.
  • If your business is not vitally important, stay home.

When do you need an RT-PCR Test for Covid 19?

  • Symtoms: If you have any of the Covid symptoms (Sore throat, Dry Cough, Fever, Tiredness, Breathlessness)
  • Travel purpose: You are travelling and need a confirmatory test
  • Doctor advice: Your doctor suspects you have Covid and advises this test


Very unfortunately, there are no such kinds of treatments that have been officially declared as a cure for Covid-19. To be necessarily mentioned, WHO does not recommend any self-medication including any type of antibiotics.

However, the affected people must be kept isolated. Apart from that, any suspected person growing the symptoms of Covid-19 must be hospitalized instantly with complete guidance of healthcare professionals.

Note: People who have already noticed any mild symptoms in spite of having zero noticeable physical issues should also isolate themselves or immediately consult their medical service provider or any Covid-19 help centre to have complete guidance in this regard. To be specific, people with cough, fever or breathing issues should get in touch with any medical specialist quickly.



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