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About Urine Routine & Microscopy test

Urine Routine & Microscopy test

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Know more about Urine Routine & Microscopy test

The Urine Routine & Microscopy test helps to diagnose kidney diseases such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) or kidney stones. This test also monitors diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension). A urinalysis looks for white and red blood cells, epithelial cells, blood or protein in the urine, crystals, or bacteria, among other things.

The symptoms for a kidney infection would include: 

Urine infection would show foamy urine, red blood in the urine.

Besides that there is dehydration leading to the dark color of urine. 

Symptoms of Liver disease are also seen where the color of the urine is of tea color.

The Routine & Microscopy test of urine would include a group of a microscopic test along with physical and chemical tests.

These test will help to identify various substances in the urine that is responsible for the infection. These substances are a part of the byproducts of normal and abnormal metabolism, cellular fragment, bacteria, and cells.


There is no such precaution required before the test.


Depending on the test results, treatment will be prescribed with antibiotics to clear a urinary tract infection. Also, it will help to shrink an enlarged prostate or having shock wave therapy to break up bladder or kidney stones.

In some cases, no treatment is necessary. 

Be sure to follow up with your doctor after treatment to ensure there's no more blood in your urine.

Preventing and treating illnesses that can lead to acute kidney failure is the best method for avoiding the disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, having a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and a sensible diet can help to prevent kidney failure. Work with your doctor to manage existing medical conditions that could lead to acute kidney failure. 

Test Method: You will need to hand over a sample of your urine in a bottle.

Report available : Turn around time is 24 hours. 

When your doctor suspects you of suffering urinary tract infection or related disease, you will be prescribed to take this test.

Acute Kidney Failure, Bladder Cancer, Kidney diseas, Cancer



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