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About Anti Ovarian Antibody (AOA) test

Anti Ovarian Antibody (AOA) test

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Know more about Anti Ovarian Antibody (AOA) test

The Anti Ovarian Antibody test is a blood test to detect the presence of anti ovarian antibodies in the blood. The test is conducted on females to their infertility condition and also for during the period of infertility treatment and after the treatment is over.

The test is considered for those who had suffered premature ovarian failure and unexplained infertility. 

This test helps to assess the abnormalities that are responsible for weakening of the normal functions of the reprouctive system in females.

Women who have experienced premature ovarian failure has higher chances of increased 3 FSH level or poor response to an ongoing fertility treatment have to take this test to measure the total amount of antibodies present in the blood. 

There are instances where a percentage of women's body gives poor response to hormone therapy, or irregularities in implantation, or low succes rate in IVF treatment. This is due to the presence of large amount of Anti- ovarian antibodies.

There is no precaution for the test.

Depending on your test result the doctor will prescribe you treatment and medication.

Test Method: A blood sample will be collected from a vein of your arm.

Test Result: Turn around time is 24 to 48 hours.

The doctor prescribes this test to check the presence of anti ovarian antibodies in the blood duirng and after the infertility teatment.



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