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About Aldosterone test

Aldosterone test

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Know more about Aldosterone test

The ALD test diagnose if there is any electrolye or fluid disorders in your blood. Meaning it measures the total aldosterone hormone and renin levels present in your blood. Also known as sreum aldosterone test.

Basic symptoms include:

kidney failure

heart problems

adrenal disease

diabetes insipidus

Increase in aldosterone hormone raises the blood pressure and decreases the potassium level in your body. This condition is referred to as Hyperaldosteronism.

Hyperaldosteronism is be caused by: 

congestive heart failure

renal artery stenosis 

cirrhosis (scarring of the liver)toxemia of pregnancy

kidney disease or failure

Conn syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, or Bartter syndrome (rarely)

intake of a diet extremely low in sodium

A decrease in ALD levels is called hypoaldosteronism and caused by:

low blood pressure.

adrenal insufficiency

low sodium levels


Addison’s disease is caused by an abnormal level of aldosterone affecting adrenal hormone production in the body.

There are few measures to be considered before taking the test. You are suppose to avoid certain beverages, foods and medications. Inform your doctor about your eating habit. And accordingly your doctor will advised you. If you are severely ill due to some other cause, try to avoid taking the test as the test result will show low level of aldosterone in it.

Few things need to be taken care of while undergoing the treatment for Aldosterone.

You are advised to avoid such diet and medications having more of salt in it. Avoid over the counter pain relievers or other medications such as diuretics, steroids, beta-blockers, oral contraceptives, and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors. These medications affect the test results.

Due to unwanted stress or exercise or pregnancy may also affect the test results.

You will be advised by your doctor to avoid some amount of salt or sodium that you take in your daily diet. Also, you will be asked to stop your regular exercise for a while or just for a day or two before taking the test. 

Test Method 1: A small amount of blood sample is collected from a vein of your arm. You will be asked to lay down upright for 15-30 minutes before the blood test.

Test Method 2: In another test method you may also be asked to submit a 24-hour urine sample at the lab. A urine sample is collected during special medications suffering by an individual.

 Report available: The Turn around time for is around 24 hours.

This test is prescribed when your doctor suspects you of suffering from a hormonal disorder.

The hormonal disorder leads to primary aldosteronism such as conn's syndrome and Addison’s disease.

Heart problems, Kidney failure, Diabetes insipidus, Adrenal disease



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