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About Anti ds-DNA Antibody test

Anti ds-DNA Antibody test

₹1400 ₹900

Know more about Anti ds-DNA Antibody test

Anti-dsDNA Antibody test diagnose if you are suffering Chronic autoimmune disorder called Lupus.

Symptoms of lupus include: 

pain in muscle 

Red rashes on the skin 

pain in joints similar to Arthritis


fatigue and weakness

sensitivity of skin in the light

weight loss and hair loss

Anti-dsDNA Antibody test helps the doctor to differentiate between lupus and any other autoimmune disease. The test reveals the severity of the disease suffering by the patient.

It is also responsible for kidney infection, skin infection, heart problems, lung infection, and brain issues. 
When a human body fails to recognize the hormone produced in the blood and detects it as a foreign particle, doctors advice for this test. 

Consult your doctor and inform about your any ongoing medications. Certain medications can alter or affcet your blood test. Try and avoid the intake of vitamins or supplements for the test.

The doctor will prescribe the medication after the test results. While depending on your medical history you will be asked to change your food habits along with other medications. 

Test Method 1: A small amount of blood sample is collected from your vein.

Report available: The turn around time for this test is around 1 to 2 days.

When your doctor suspects you of suffering from autoimmune disease, you are recommended to take this test.



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