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About Anti Thrombin III test

Anti Thrombin III test

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Know more about Anti Thrombin III test

Anti Thrombin III test detects various conditions: 1. when you are suffering from unexplained recurring blood clotts. 2. when you are suffering from antithrombin deficiency. Basically the test examines the total amount and activity of antithrombin present in the blood.

The only symptoms include is excessive clotting disorders which are caused due to recurrent blood clots. 

Anti Thrombin is a type of protein produced by the liver which helps to regulate blood clot formation. 

Excessive blood clot occurs in conditions when an individual's blood vessels are injured. Individuals suffer from excessive clotting disorder due to inherited antithrombin deficiency. It increases the risk of developing blood clots in deep veins. 

When the production of antithrombin decreases it leads to liver and kidney disease, extensive thrombosis and nephrotic syndrome.

Consult your doctor before taking the test to inform about any ongoing medications if there is any.

Depending on the medical history, you will be given a further test if you have acquired the syndrome hereditarily. Upon which, medications will be prescribed to you.

Test Method 1: A blood sample is collected from a vein of your arm.

Report available : The turn around time for this test is around 24 hours.

You should get this test done of you are suffering from recurring blood clot. Also in another case, if you have a family history for the same you should get this test done.



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