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About Acid Fast Bacilli Smear test

Acid Fast Bacilli Smear test

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Know more about Acid Fast Bacilli Smear test

The Acid Fast Bacilli Smear test helps to diagnose if you are suffering from tuberculosis or other infections like Mycobacterium species. the test also helps to monitor an ongoing treatment for who persons are at risk to growth of mycobacterial infections.

Symptoms associated with Tuberculosis and mycobacterial lung infection include:

Chronic cough followed by bloody streaks sometimes, chest pain, loss of appetite, fever, weakness, sudden weight loss and night sweats.

Acid-fast bacilli belong to a group of rod-shaped bacteria that are only visible through a microscope. 

This bacteria is detected through the staining procedure. In the staining procedure, after an acid wash, the bacteria retain the color. 

Also, there is another method for the test. In the other test, the sample is cultured in a liquid-broth based medium, which allows the detection of the bacteria sooner.






There are no precautions to be followed.

Depending on your test result, the doctor will prescribe you medication and further treatment.

Test Method 1: For three days, sputum will be collected in the early morning.

Test Method 2: The other method is bronchoscopy where the fluid is collected through a bronchoscope during the process.

Test Results: Turn around time is 24 to 48 hours.

When the doctor suspects you of suffering from symptoms of tuberculosis infection, you will be prescribed with this test.



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