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About Alkaline Phosphatase test

Alkaline Phosphatase test

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Know more about Alkaline Phosphatase test

An Alkaline Phosphatase test is performed to diagnose how well your liver and gall bladder are working. It also helps to identify problems related with your bones.

Signs and symptoms of liver infection like hepatitis, liver cancer are considered for this test. It includes:

Weakness and fatigue

Loss of appetite

Nausea and vomiting

Abdominal swelling and/or pain


Dark urine, light-colored stool

Itching (pruritus)

Symptoms suggesting a bone disorder are: 

Vitamin D deficiency

Bone or joint pain

Deformed bones

Increased frequency of fractures

Alkaline Phosphatase is a type of enzyme found in the test of the body.

When a higher level of alkaline phosphatase is found in your blood, it indicates liver or gall bladder infection. 

Liver infection includes Malnutrition, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Gallstones, blockage in bile ducts and liver cancer.

The bone infection leads to Paget’s disease, Rickets, Bone cancer, and Overactive parathyroid gland.

High level of alkaline phosphatase can indicate causes kidney cancer, heart failure, mononucleosis, or a blood infection in very rare cases. 


Depening on your health condition and medical history, your doctor might might ask you to fast overnight before going in for the test. It not prescibed to every patient going for the test. Also, avoid intake of any vitamins or supplements and birth control pills before the test.

Treatment will be recommended by your doctor according to your test result.

Besides that, you can take a few preventive measures yourself to improve your test.

People with symptoms of malnutritions should take more of:

whole fruits and vegetables like leafy greens, citrus fruits and more in their diet

Whole grain cereals

protein-based diets such as meat and fish

probiotic food 

When found infected with any liver or gall bladder disease, the doctor will prescribe medications that should be taken regularly without fail.

When you are detected with cancer, the doctor will prescribe for chemotherapy as well. 

Test Method 1: A blood sample is collected from a vein of your arm.

In infants or young children, a sharp tool called a lancet is used to puncture into the skin.  

Report available: The Turn around time for this test is around 24 hours.

This test is prescribed to those who are likely suspected to be infected with liver or gall bladder infection. Also in cases of bone infection, this test is prescribed.

Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Liver cancer, Gall stones, Rickets, Paget's disease



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