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About Amylase test

Amylase test

₹800 ₹500

Know more about Amylase test

The test helps to diagnose if you are suffering from pancreatic infection or imflammation of pancreas. It detects the level of amylase present in your blood. The infection is called pancreatitis.

Symptoms of pancreatitis include: 

abdominal pain with upset stomach

vomiting and nausea

loss of appetite



jaundice (symptoms as well)

Pancreatitis caused by inflammation in your pancreas. It can minor to acute pancreas infection causing swelling of your abdomen.

In some cases, it also leads to pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer as well. 

Amylase test helps to detect if you have any tumor or cancer in your pancreas.

Ovarian tumors are detected through this test.

Lung cancer is detected if high level of amylase is found in the blood.

Avoid drinking alcohol before the test. Also avoid any mediaction and consult your doctor to inform about your ongoing medications if there is any. Avoid birth control pills Avoid aspirin and similar drugs

Treatment is suggested by the doctor after your test results.

Depending on your test results, you will be asked to maintain a balanced food diet to prevent you from future recurring.

Also,medications and therapy will be adviced as per your condition.

Test Method1: A small amount of blood sample will be collected from your vein.

Test Method 2: In some cases, a urine sample is collected for the test.

Report available: The turn around time for this test is around 24 hours.

When an individual is suspected to be suffering from pancreatic infection or cancer, ovarian cancer, and lung cancer, should go for this test.



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