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About ANA-Anti Nuclear Antibody test

ANA-Anti Nuclear Antibody test

₹1000 ₹600

Know more about ANA-Anti Nuclear Antibody test

Anti Nuclear Antibody test helps to diagnose autoimmune disorder such as lupus and sjogen syndrome. The test basically detects the antibodies present in the blood.

Symptoms that are considered for this test are:

sensitivity of skin towards the light

muscle pain

loss of hair

low fever

weakness and fatigue

Internal damage caused to organs 

arthritis pain

Antibodies are considered as protein which is used up by the immune system of the body to fight with germs like bacteria and virus.

When your immune system does not identify your own protein and consider it as foreign particles. It results in releasing autoantibodies and attacks your tissue and cells.

Autoantibodies further cause damage to your skin, joints, muscles or any other part of the body.

Avoid intake of any ongoing medications such as vitamins, supplements if there is any. Inform your doctor of any other medications before going for the test.

Your doctor will prescribe you medication as er your test results.

It mostly includes specific drugs for Antibodies treatment.

Test Method 1: A small amount of blood is collected from your vein.

Report available: The TAT for this test is around 24 hours.

If you suspected with autoimmune disease, you should go for the test.



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